Czech Republic: Vaclav Havel Airport Prague

Czech Republic is the landlocked country in central Europe, surrounded by mountains and sharing borders with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The country is famous for its eventful history and immemorial Czechs like Napoleon who always been a belligerent but brilliant inspiration for whole world. Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and has 1.3 million inhabitants. The city is ranked as the 6th most visited city in Europe. The city is popular for its lonely places, happiest people, thoughtful monuments and glorious culture but Prague also has another identity in travelling domain through its splendid airport, Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Czech Republic-map

This is an international airport of Prague, located at 6 KM away from the west of city center. The airport is serving the country with the capacity of 11 million passengers and is considered as the busiest airport of European Union. It is also working as a base for Travel Service Airlines along with its subsidiary company Smartwings. Prague international airport is also the home of national airlines, named as Czech Airlines. You can also easily book for Prague airport shuttle for reliable and affordable transportation.


The airport has started in 5 April 1937 and became operational for military purpose only but the capacity of the airport was not sufficient to meet the requirement of passengers. However, the government decided to construct a new airport at Ruzyne.  That airport won the award for its technical conception at the occasion of International Art and Technical Exhibitions in Paris. After endearing this award, it became necessary for government to develop this airport at modern and sophisticated terms.


This situation has increased the need of more carriers for Prague airport. The airport has come across from many expansions since its inception of seventy-years that provided further opportunities to increase the demand capacity. Subsequently, Prague-Ruzyne airporthas become a hub of Trans-European airport network. For a couple of years, it has been observed the airport is reaching its limits which brings more development and expansions at the airport besides regular repair. However, the major construction is still halted due to the protest of locals who live close to the airport premises but it is also expected that it would be completed soon.


Prague airport has two terminals along with two general aviation terminal and a cargo facility. Terminal 1 is mainly used for scheduled outside flights of Schengen Area and terminal 2 is used for flights within the Schengen Area but terminal is only under the use of private flights. Terminal four is the oldest terminal of Prague airport as it was opened in 1937 and exclusively used for VIP flights and state visits.


The airport also has two runways in service, used for different wings of airport. Prague airport is operating by a joint-stock company, named as Letiste Praha which has shares with Ministry of Finance. On the whole, Prague airport is serving efficiently and studiously to the Czech Republic, mounting the excellence and hegemony in travelling modes.


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